Louise Johncox is an experienced journalist and editor who writes a wide variety of media content including websites, blogs, programmes, brochures, newsletters and PR/Marketing material.

Programmes and Brochures
Albert Roux
A Culinary Tour of France (2010)
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Programmes for The Icons Dinners (2006/2008/2010)
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Annual Review (2007)
The Camellia Journal
Interviews with high profile individuals (2006-1010)

Adra Match
Newsletter Editor and Website Content

Website Content
Sunday Times blog
Iceland Everest Expedition (2011)
Duchy Orginals
Farmer David Wilson’s Blog (2008)
Arctic Belle
Blog about Baffin Island trip in the High Arctic (2007)
Toshiba Transatlantic Challenge
Website (2007)

Alice Driscoll PR
Captive Minds PR